hmm...gas power'd vex

i was thinking is it posable to ues a small r/c gas engin and 2 motors 1 for the gas and the other for the brake that wood be awsome!:smiley: .my only wory is the ricever range cuz if the robot lost range wood it ceape on going if it did it wood crash and might harm the mane conponits that wood be bad:( .allso uesing gas motors on vex wood be cool!!!:smiley:

why not use rc engines? or be like the myth busters set up your servos that when out of range they fail safe to the off position? example a kill switch

i will need a programming kit for that right? and all so u sed r/c engins did u mean battrye powerd?

nah you shouldn’t need a programming kit and no i meant the gas ones. they have carbs on them that you hook up to a servo with a push rod it opens and closes the air fuel mixture chamber to wide open or idle. now what the problem will be is getting a clutch system comfigured to work with the vex. i’ve already thought of that. with one of my mini generators. i was looking for longer lasting power than batteries. i couldn’t get past finding a clutch to convert a rc car engine with.

ya i think its a good idea:D

ya gas powered vex would be cool but i dont know how you would control the gas engines with vex but if theres some kind of way to do it that would be cool you could probally make like a monster truck or a bot that could jump jumps :wink: plus the gas engines would give vex alot more torque :smiley:

Take a airplane model generator($250 at least) and connect it to the power and use resistors to get the power right

i see that more ppl think im crazy…aside form that uesing a gas engine wood give vex builders alot more ideas

Yeah… go read the posting about," overpriced vex."

Now your adding gas prices into vex. No. I think your crazy…:smiley:

but how big will the engine need to be?..i hade a gas powerd r/c and 1 day a was drivin it and some how it crash’d:o the chasis was destroy’d but the engine was fine its not big but will it be enough?:rolleyes:

Do you have some picture of it next to…the vex manual or somthing for a size comparison. I havent changed my mind on the gas prices thing but ill help. Pictures should help too.:slight_smile:

i cant upload any photos my pc wont let me but the motor is about same size as mic controller is that big enough?:confused:

how heavy is the bot you are gonna build, and what is the purpose, im sure it would but not with somthing as big as a house.:frowning:

its only like 4.0 lb with out the engine the engine its about 1.5 lb still i dont know:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Im not a professional engine maker or somthing like that, but as a guess it should work.

Hope it works and tell us what happens, cause im not trying it!:slight_smile:

i just dont want a big KA BOOM!!!:eek: lol i think im goin to try it

Tell me if it works, if it goes Kaboom! and you dont survive, tell someone to tell me! lol:D

lol thats bad:eek: :eek:

You were the one who started me on it!:smiley:

I was being all “respectable” then you just popped me to crazy… I may just try that gas powered thing!
no… no… dont do it… noooooo!

lol (thinking)(this is a stupid idea)…wen a made this thead i ment not just r/c gas engines what about puting vex to the max uesing 3 motors 1 for gas 2 for brake and 3…? for stearing wheel???:eek: in other words make vex dive a car!!! lol like the miythbusters lol (thinking)(i hope its not a 40.000$ car it will be worth 1 cent wen im done with it):smiley:

just kiding