What could this be?

Cool challenges again this year. I’m looking forward to the submissions!

Yay so excited one of the game objects was one of my ideas. XD
For the design a game challenge can we use other game objects besides the 3 listed?

The 2011 Online Challenges will be announced shortly. Very shortly :slight_smile: . When they are, you can ask official questions at this forum.

I could access them earlier… (the ones with the jacks/top/barbell-looking-thing?)

Was this a “leak?”

The new challenges have actually been online for a couple of days, we just weren’t ready to announce until now. Of course, you still haven’t really seen the announcement…

Is there an archive of past entries somewhere? I’m trying to get my team(s?) to enter at least one challenge, but I don’t have any previous examples to show. I like the twist on the game animation challenge, I can’t wait to see what teams come up with for those.

Check here for the 2010 entrants: