Hoard Mobile Goals?

Just want some clarification. Is there any rule besides G12 that could be interpreted to not allow hoarding your opponent’s mobile goals?

I meant G12 not SG9 and edited the fix in the original. Sorry

It doesn’t say you cant push their goals around.

Where in G12 can you interpret that it is illegal to horde the opposing mobile goals?

G12 also says that purely defensive strategies would be frowned upon and I thought that meant no hoarding goals. It might not be considered defense though

<SG11> Robots may not put a Mobile Goal in an opposite Goal Zone. (i.e. A Robot, regardless of Alliance, cannot put a red Mobile Goal in a blue Goal Zone or a blue Mobile Goal in a red Goal Zone.)

@536Mentor I meant moving your opponent’s mobile goals in such a way as to prevent them from scoring cones on them, not necessarily scoring them

@J_L_Picard Technically there is no rule against pushing them around with a flat surface. If you grab them, that is against the rules, but if you keep pushing them around, then it should be fine.

Understood, but won’t that just take time away from your scoring and allow them to score on the stationary goals while you are driving around pushing their movable goals. Just a thought. A long way yet to see just how this game is going to play out. I don’t think they are going to be easily pushed. They are 3.7 lbs and friction with the flooring mat might be high.

It would take away from scoring in most circumstances, yes. That’s why this strategy isn’t the best. But at an early local level, this could be an alright strategy. I’d rate it 4/10.

something for a clawbot/pushbot to do while their powerhouse partner scores cones.

@536Mentor but it’s going to be a whole lot easier to build a stack on a mobile goal than stack one at a time on the stationary goal. Giving your allies the chance to do that while denying it to your opponents might provide an advantage. Additionally, this is denying the up to 50 points from having the goals in zones and 15 points for having highest mobile stacks from your opponents. Using the simulator, it would appear as though they have to out-stack you by 23 cones with access only to the stationary and that’s assuming auton goes to your opponents.

This strategy can also work towards the end of the game, if you have already finished scoring, but your opponent is still attempting to put their mobile goals in their own zones.

Just wanted to say that in no way does G12 prevent purely defensive strategies. It simply says that robots who do so will

Which states

In other words, if the robots you are defending against are somehow damaged, you will be more likely to be penalized than if you were playing offensively. I don’t see how pushing around your opponents’ goals can damage/tip your opponents, so I don’t see how G12 is applicable here.

PS: Here’s an example of a perfectly legal (and fricking awesome) defensive robot from toss-up, while G12 (then G11) existed:

That video was amazing, loved that defensive play.

@sazrocks thanks!

The immobile goals are also 2 squares apart diagonally so you are physically unable to block both of them.

If you want to defend stationary goals, you’d only need to block your opponents stationary goal, not both of them.