Hoarding LP or Fielding Flywheel

With the majority of the regional competitions being finished up in the coming week, a lot of people are starting to lay out their strategies for worlds and start their rebuilds. With that in mind, what strategy do you think will be the most successful at worlds. The two that I have seen as being very successful are robots that field efficiently using flywheels and robots that hoard balls into their loading zone and then shoot them all off quickly and accurately using linear punchers. Here is a good example of a match where all robots went for fielding straight away, and good example of a robot that spent the beginning of the match hoarding balls into the loading zone and then shooting them off at the end is 2915a during the New Zealand nationals (Here’s the finals match where they used this strategy). I can see both an incredibly efficient field bot and a robot that can quickly claim and hoard all of the balls doing extremely well at world, but which design do you guys think will outscore the other?

Straw Poll :smiley:

I think the answer to this is to do both- fielding, and then pushing stacks back to your tile during autonomous. However, I don’t think hoarding balls for the first half of the match is productive, because balls will quickly become localized out on the field, and pushing balls back will be difficult as the other alliance blocks you when they chase down the balls, or prevent you from getting back to your home tile, making yore team incapable of using all the hoarded balls.

Ok so look at the match you just showed us, what did neither alliance do, Elevation. What I think would be the best strategy would be to have one flywheel that can shoot from full court, use a transmission to switch the power from the flywheel to the lift (or like the cyber brains just lift with pnumatics) and have a fast drive. With a 1104, 360, 400x style intake.

I think a reverse intake flywheel could easily do both. You just need a rear intake or a spectacular driver to make good use of the hoarded balls, otherwise you waste time spinning around to intake and then fire. I’m planning on doing fielding, but with hoarding as a counter strategy if I’m facing certain robots. This is only because I plan on having a front intake and a crazy efficient flywheel.