According to the definition, hoarding is blocking access to 2 (or more) game objects in a corner of the field.

So, if our robot is legally holding two balls, but are in a corner, can we be called for hoarding?

And if we have 3 or 4 caps blocked, but aren’t in the corner. . . Is that hoarding?

For your second question, no. That would be possession. The objects would have to be outside (un-possessed by) the robot and blocked off in the corner.

Depends on how you’re blocking those caps. I think the rule is meant to prevent “corralling” the pieces against field elements. If you are simply patrolling and protecting a perimeter around them, and not shoving them to a specific place, then I do not think you’re hoarding.

In the game manual, it does specify: Hoarding – A Robot status. A Robot is Hoarding if it is actively blocking opposing Robot access to two (2) or more Game Objects that are in any of the four (4) corners of the field (i.e. positioned in the corner roughly the size of one foam field tile.) , so technically, if I’m not mistaken, hoarding can take place between the flag poles in the middle-ish of the field?

That sounds legal, yes.