Hold Programs

Does anybody have a good hold program. My team needs one

What do you mean by hold program?

A program that can hold the lift

what does hold the lift mean, and are you at shawnigan right now?

it says hold you dimwitt

i edited it. don’t tilt, comp starts in less than an hour

my robot can take yours any day

The best hold program would be to have the motors at a set power, such as

if vexRT[btn6U=1] power=127 //raises lift
else if vexRT[btn6d] power=-127 //lowers lift
else power = 10 //holds lift when no buttons are pressed

Remember that when the match ends, motor power is turned off, and you need to be able to passively hang.

The best and most consistent way to hold a lift in a set position is to use PID. PID ensures that your lift will not fall while in user control or autonomous.

The answer I provided to another thread perfectly answers what you are asking