Holding 2 mogos in 4 bar clamp

While trying to find ways to hold 3 mogos on a bot I had the idea of a 4 bar clamp that possibly holds 2 mogos instead of one. I don’t currently have all the field elements yet nor the structural parts to test this out so I am curious on others thoughts of this idea (the logistics of it). The basis of it is to have a wide enough clamp so that it could hold 2 mogos at once. If this doesn’t immediately work due to it not being wide enough I was thinking it could possibly have a release mech that widens it. If anyone has thoughts on if this is possible or has the ability to test this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Pretty Interesting concept. You’ll definitely need to expand it though, and be careful of the 36" expansion. I’d recommend a 3-prong forklift- a skinnier one on either side, and a wider one in the middle to catch under both goals. I don’t know whether it’ll be worth it though, as it’ll be hard to get both goals in it.


It’s a nice idea, but many people underestimate the weight of these goals on motors, so be wary of the torque output you use on these


Thanks for your thoughts. You bring up a very good point for a risk of this strategy. With my teams current design we have an extra motor so if we have torque issues we could possibly add a motor to the 4 bar.

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