Holding a controller

So I was wondering how people hold the controller. I hold it with my pointer and middle fingers on the bumpers, thumbs on joysticks. However, it is hard to hit the buttons while driving, because I have to take my thumbs off the joysticks. I have heard that some people do thumbs on joysticks, pointer fingers on buttons, and middle and ring fingers on bumpers. Is this better? I’m asking because I don’t have a controller with me right now but am trying to figure out which buttons should power what parts of the robot. Thanks in advance.

I personally find it easier to have thumbs on joysticks and pointer/middle fingers on bumpers. I just quickly press the 8 and 7 buttons by using my thumb. None of my code requires me to hold any of the 8 or 7 buttons, though. Holding position is mostly a matter of personal preference in my opinion.

You can also switch from tank control to arcade control so one thumb controls all the driving (doesn’t solve the issue for holonomic drives).

In my opinion, it is impractical to use buttons unless all shoulders have been occupied or you want to distinguish whatever that action is from the other actions assigned to the shoulder buttons.
These actions could be something other than just applying motor power, and should be something that doesn’t matter when driving.
If you run out of shoulder buttons and still need buttons to be pressed while driving, then you can use the grip you mentioned, or do arcade control as callen said.