Holes not lining up in CAD

So while designing our team’s bot in CAD, I ran into a slight problem with lining up the holes across two channels Shown in the picture(this isn’t the actual bot but the same measurements for reference)
VEX Hole help
I’ve been doing CAD for quite awhile now, both VEX and FRC and this is the first time I ran into this problem. The main issue seems to just be that the holes are .046 off from center of the bar, which is the exact measurements from VEX, so I don’t know if this just wasn’t meant to be constrained that way or what.

(To be clear-er, I’m trying to connect a C-Channel across these two bars, which should be a 22 hole long channel)

The problem is that the distance from the center of the hole to the edge of the flange is 0.25” while the distance from the center of the hole to the part where the flange and base of the channel meets is slightly more
(That’s my best guess at least)


I tried something similar irl just to test and it seemed to line up fine but I didn’t take any care in making sure holes were centered so it’s hard to say

It’s because the metal has a thickness of 0.064" if you are using aluminum and 0.046" for steel.

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The problem you are running into is that the distance from the outer face of the c channel to the edge of the flange is more than .5”. If you connect two c channels face to face their holes are farther than .5” apart (something like .6”) you have essentially created the same thing but with an additional 10”. In real life you could connect these bars together since holes dont have to be perfectly aligned, but some bars may be angled.

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Yeah, eventually just figured that the metal’s thickness is the reason for it, and I’ve known this info from before, but never thought about it in this sense. For now I’ll just offset a little.

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