Holiday Gifts for Vex students

My parents keep asking me to find a 2-in-1 tablet that I want for the upcoming holidays. I’d appreciate it if anyone could provide links to any 2-in-1 tablets that they own that can run robotc, and are fairly cheap. We have also been trying to find a good tablet to purchase for all 3 of our teams.

I’m also looking to buy some other members from my team a few gifts, and was wondering what you guys would give/have gave to a student on a Vex team?

Seems like a reasonable time for another shameless VEX Merchandise Store plug. :slight_smile:

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The phone cases are so cool!! I completely forgot about the merchandise store, so I think it’ll be easier to find some things for my team, or myself now :slight_smile:

I slipped the hint to my parents about the phone case

Have a Lenovo Flex but it’s not cheap. VERY cool but not cheap at all. I would suggest cheaper items like the phone cases.

If you have a good graphic designer available, you can make just about anything these days. We just made some Vexmen spirit wear this year. A whole variety of stuff - t-shirts, sweatshirts, zip up hoodies, hats, fleece jackets, etc. And hoping to get it by Christmas… :slight_smile:

It may be too late for you but something to think about for next year. We also have done car magnets. Set up costs are tough on those in low quantities. (Have not seen car magnets on the Vex online store, may be a good item to get added)

Artist rendition of one of the shirts as they have not come in yet:

car magnet:

Those magnets get everywhere (actually won’t stick to my car, Aluminum I guess).

My post from a similar thread a couple weeks ago.

i have a Hp 11.6 inch Stream laptop, that i use for vex. I am running Easyc V4 on it and it works very well. It may not be a 2 in 1 tablet but the price is decently cheap and very good quality. Nice and light for competitions too.

I use a Lenovo Yoga 700 14’ laptop for VEX and other work

Inspiration is all they will need =)

Have you considered a Surface tablet?