holomic x drive using cad (U Shape)

hey guys i was struggling finding an x holonomic base online or any related cad files so that we can build our base. After learning how to use autodesk inventor. I finally managed to build a base so here i am today posting this thread so that other teams can benifit from it. you can download the file using drop box or email me and ill reply or find it attached here
base link :https://www.dropbox.com/s/ttx2jq2xlv20y32/base.iam?dl=0
email : jawad.turk@hotmail.com
base.iam (78.5 KB)

Thanks, I appreciate when people share inventor files. We do robotics strictly extracurricular, so the fastest way for my CAD designers to learn is often by viewing others work to see how they did it.

I am having problems downloading this