Holonomic chassis

Hey, for holonomic chassis, can I link the whole chassis movement on the controller on only channels 1 and 2? Or should I also use channel 3 and 4 additionally to 1 and 2 for a good holonomic drive? Thanks , some coding help would be really appreciated

We use three channels total, one for forward/back, one for turning, and one for strafing. It’s done in a similar control scheme as most fps video games.

For a holonomic drive, you should only need 3 channels, as @mwang17 has stated. However, you could set it up as to whenever you need to strafe you press a button and the channel you use for turning could act as a strafing channel.

You never want to strafe and turn at the same time?

You can strafe and turn at the same time with that set up.

Do you mind sharing the code.for this setup?


//channel 1 is forward/back
//channel 2 is turning
//channel 3 is strafing
motor[frontLeft] = vexRT[Ch1] + vexRT[Ch2] + vexRT[Ch3];
motor[frontRight] = vexRT[Ch1] - vexRT[Ch2] - vexRT[Ch3];
motor[backLeft] = vexRT[Ch1] + vexRT[Ch2] - vexRT[Ch3]
motor[backRight] = vexRT[Ch1] - vexRT[Ch2] + vexRT[Ch3];

I took your Code and made the driving controls make a little more sense and made it so that the strafe can go at any angle.

//channel 2 is forward/back
//channel 1 is turning
//channel 4/3 is strafing
motor[frontLeft] = vexRT[Ch1] + vexRT[Ch2] + vexRT[Ch4]+ vexRT[Ch3];
motor[frontRight] = vexRT[Ch1] - vexRT[Ch2] + vexRT[Ch4] - vexRT[Ch3];
motor[backLeft] = vexRT[Ch1] + vexRT[Ch2] - vexRT[Ch4] + vexRT[Ch3];
motor[backRight] = vexRT[Ch1] - vexRT[Ch2] - vexRT[Ch4] - vexRT[Ch3];

Interesting to use all four channels. How does that help?

There are only 3 vectors to account for, so using the 4th channel provides no benefit.