Holonomic/Cortex Issues

Here is a list of our current issues:
-Motor 10 (though being called in the program) only works when we push the joystick down, not when we actually move it.
-Cortex was lightly smoking at one point.
-One scissor lift has a motor making stripping noises whenever it lifts.
-Motor 1 intermittently works.
Other info:
-We had smoked a cortex before this one on the same bot, it stopped working altogether
-We have a battery and a backup battery plugged in

UGGH! Please help!

Hello gzook,

I apologize about your frustration.
I have provided feedback to your issues below:

I’m not sure I understand your problem.
Are you saying motor port# 10 only works with the button inputs of the VEXnet Joystick, but not with the analog inputs (thumb sticks)?
Please elaborate.

This might happen if you overheat and damage a motor port. This is caused by a direct short on the motor (damaged wire insulation).

Sounds like you have stripped gears on such motor. Please purchase a gear replacement kit:
This might happen if such motor port was overheated/ damaged.

Damaged motor ports are covered by the warranty.
Please contact [email protected] for further details, make sure to provide your VEX order number or proof of purchase.