Holonomic Drive Code--help!!

OK so we have an 8 motor Mecanum drive, (1) 393 and (1) 269 per wheel. for coding in Easy C we used 2 “holonomic” templates from the joystick section. all of the 269 motors in one template, and all the 393s in the other. This was all working fine for us until we started to ‘clean up’ our wiring. Nothing has changed in the wiring as far as positions and directions/polarity, but now the left side is not working as it should… it goes forward, backward, and turning… but when we try to strafe the motors work against each other… what went wrong??? Im not sure how to post code on here (if someone could direct me i will)… but does anyone have any ideas on how this happened?? and how to fix it???

Please use the online window to confirm everything is working, if it is please e-mail your code to the e-mail below.