Holonomic Drive Invertion

We are currently using Mecanum wheels, and are using Holonomic to drive.

Holonomic has some issues that I cannot resolve however. For some reason, our turning and strafing are inverted, but our drive is not inverted.

If we invert all of the motors, the turning and strafing is correct but our drive is inverted.

I cannot find a single thing about resolving this issue. If anyone could help, I’d be glad.

Cortex Firmware: 4.23
Joystick Firmware: 4.23
VEXnet Firmware: 1.46
Programming Software: easyC v4 for Cortex, v4.2.1.7

[In our software, our Holonomic function is located at the bottom of the user variable DriveControl()]
4221C-November.zip (87.2 KB)

Flip your wheels 180 degrees or change them front to back. It sounds like they were put on backwards.

We had thought of that as well, but it turns out AFAIK we have it right.

Another team at our school, 4221B, has their Mecanum wheels mounted the same way we have ours. We downloaded their program to our Cortex, and it worked. They never had any similar issues, nor has anyone at our school.

Any other solutions?

Actually understand how holonomic drives work instead of relying on the Holonomic block.

Sorry for being rash, it’s cold, I hate typing in the phone and I’m tired.

Did you figure out what was wrong?

Have you compared your motor wiring to the other robots that were functioning normally?


If you mean that fwd/reverse works but the robot turns left when it should turn right etc.

Then swap motors for left and right sides in the holo block. Presently you have 1&9 on the left and 2&10 on the right. All motors are inverted in the code you posted (which is unusual, normally only one side would be inverted). Check that this block is configured correctly and you didn’t swap left and right and/or get the motor inversion wrong, ie. should only the right side be inverted?