holonomic drive question

My team wants to build a holonomic drive this year but since we’ve never done this type of drive chain, we wonder how hard for the holonomic drive with 4" wheels go over the 1" starting bar? Has any team done this test? We want to know the result. Thank you so much.

I don’t think that a holonomic drive will be the most efficient drive to get over the bumps as it will require speed, with 4 " wheels the robot won’t have too much fun. I would recommend something like a tank or drop center.

I agree with this, while you can fine tune a holonomic to be pretty fast you will have problems getting over the bar due to the wheels being angled, and not straight.

wait what’s drop center

@Trubotics its where you put all of your motors on your ceneter wheel, and lower it one whole, essentially making your robot “wobble” however you turn really quickly and can have a really quick bot

@9065_parker huh interesting…

I’d recommend just building a tank drive. While a drop center is a good way to get over the bar, you’ll have issues with traction. As for a holonomic drive, it’s not very useful this year.

Drop Center drives were only popularized in Starstruck because of the lack of precision required. The quick turning was a benefit if you could drive it well enough, but this year is so precise that the rocking back and forth just makes them not feasible.

Also, if you get stuck on the bar, you’re kinda screwed. Still a problem with tank drives, certainly, but I think drop center would exacerbate the problem.

As @Aponthis said, if you get stuck in the middle you’re done, but with drop center, your middle wheel can get over it fast and easy.

But how you gonna get over 40" with a drop center? it will rock around so much

What do you mean by get over 40"?

You’ve confused me with @puzzler7 (perhaps the profile picture?). :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t do drop center this year because the very slight lean will be extremely problematic when amplified by the extreme height of this game.

@Aponthis I’m not doing a pure drop center, I’m not even sure if it qualifies as a drop center, but I’m using 3 wheels on each drive train. The middle wheel will be the only driven wheel, unlike a tank drive. That way we have stability.

Hmmmm, you will have a traction problem most likely. I would power at least 2 of them

If you’re worry is that you’re going to get stuck in the middle then just build an asterisk drive. Has qualities of a drop center and a X-Drive

Ehhhh but then you have to get 4+ wheels over the bar, and it needs 6 motors.

yay people think I’m someone who knows what he’s doing

After you get the 1st four wheels up then the back two should not be a problem? Also, are you not doing a 6 motor drive this year?

I don’t think so lol. Its usually overkill :stuck_out_tongue: