Holonomic Drive

If anyone is curious, the guy from this team (not sure if he wants to be named) is now the Automata part of ALBA, the Automata / Lemon Bot Alliance. :slight_smile:

If you reread what I wrote, you’ll see your statement 100% backs up what I said: most people make the comparison without gearing the tank drive to move at the same speed as the holonomic drive. Apples and oranges.

Or, better but harder to do, gear the tank drive to have the same pushing force/carrying capacity as the holonomic drive and see how fast its free speed is.

@tabor473 I like how you’re being more specific about things. I’m hoping to get a chance to build four versions, two of each (gear one tank to rough match the holonomic’s free speed, and gear one holonomic to rough match the tank’s free speed), to demonstrate stuff.

I would say things need to be added, though. Part of the disadvantage of the holonomic drive is that the wheels are not aligned to deliver power well while traveling, but on the flip side they are aligned perfectly to deliver power for rotation. The opposite is true of the tank drive. So in my hopes to demonstrate things I expected I would need to spin the robots for comparison as well.