Holonomic - H vs X [POLL]

Hey guys, same story as last time, just a different question.

Which of the following:

Design A, “H” structure

Design B, “X” structure

Regardless of wheel size, which structure do you think would make a better generic VEX robotics platform?

Any elaboration / opinions would be appreciated, thanks!

H structure allows easier attachment of lifts and other mechanism. The X drive has every mechanism attached at 45 degrees to the “front” of the robot.

If you make it shaped like an X, it won’t be able to turn. It’s to do with vectors or something but you can see this thread for an explanaiton:


These illustrations depict chassis shapes, not wheel arrangements. The thread title implies both of these are standard holonomic drives, simply with different structure holding them together.

THe wheels are shaded in black with white chassis overtop. They are in a standard X config in both designs.

My understanding was the black is the wheel and the box around the black is the support on both sides for the wheel.

Also if you had clicked the link you would see the 3rd post on that thread with the indepth explanation is the OP.
The drawing is just a little unclear.

Sorry about the ambiguities, Tabor has it. Looks like people like the H better, which is great. I’ll let a few more votes roll in over the next few days to be sure.

But while we’re here, does anyone have any improvements / suggestions?

Push the outer bars to 17.5 in wide and have them curve inwards instead of outwards. It would give a wider placement for a lift or other mechanism.

\ …/
This general shape(ignore dots)

Already done here.

I can’t push the wheels any farther out than design B without cantalivering the wheel which I don’t want to do.

There might be a way to get the best of all three worlds… I’m working it.

I would vote for more of a “U” chassis, basically an H with the center bar moved back, which leaves the center open for large lifts, which otherwise, would not fit within the height requirement.

Purely for a generic platform the "H" design is far more practical and easier to use. I know this because for my team’s only X-drive this year we used an "X" chassis (with cantilevered wheels for a large base area). We only had to attach one system at 45 Degrees to the “front” however this was because of careful planning, which would not be practical in my opinion for the application you want for this.