Holonomic or 6-Motor U Chassis?

Just want to know your guys’ opinion on what type of chassis to build for next. Granite the game for next year hasn’t been released, I am still preparing for next year, your guys’ opinion matters!!

Depends what you mean by holonomic. Holonomic can refer to:

4 motor Mechanum drive
4 motor x drive
4 motor plus drive

There are many ways to make holonomic drives. Maybe think about structure before motor distribution.

Has anyone managed to make a decent swerve drive in VEX? I’d imagine without custom machining, it’s difficult, but maybe someone has figured something out with lexan or plastic.

@discovery I found this on YouTube when looking for swerve drive ideas. It seems fairly simple, but I couldn’t see it be worth it is a real VEX match. Cool concept build though!

@discovery @6219B considering that it uses 8 of the 12 motor slots, it would be pretty hard to find a way (in starstruck at least) to make a decent scoring mech with 4 motors or 2 motors + pneumatics. But that’s just my opinion.

6 motor U-Chassis all the way. We started out this season with an x-drive and it was a terrible decision, programming autonomous was near impossible because with the nature of this game it’s hard to get even weight distribution on all four wheels. Weight distribution affects u-chassis less

As many have said before me, going sideways is pointless.

Holonomic drive trains are almost never worth it, unless you can make a good <4 motor swerve drive (basically impossible in VEX). With an X drive or mecanums, the loss in torque and the increase in friction/complexity isn’t worth it, as well as being less flexible in the number of motors that you can use. Year after year, not just in VEX but also FRC and other programs, tank drives prove to be superior. The only thing that changes is the number of wheels and the type of wheels, depending on how much defense you need to play in the game. (For example, you wouldn’t use an all-omni wheel drive in NbN or Steamworks, but you might if you never run into another robot like in Starstruck or Recycle Rush)

six motor u chassis (turbo)

-quick defense (depends on game type)
-quick turning
-should’nt burn out