Holonomic X-Drive in EasyC?


I am trying to create an 4 Omni-Wheel X-Drive like this:

I was looking around the internet trying to find a Holonomic X-Drive code for EasyC V4 for Cortex. Some I found people trying to use the blocks to code the Holonomic, and another I found using the Holonomic Block provided in EasyC V4 for Cortex. If I do need to write a code (I’ll convert it to blocks), someone please tell me how to do it.

I currently don’t have EasyC (full nor free), so that’s why I’m trying to investigate.

Thank you!

P.S. Does “EasyC V4 for Cortex” (full) have an expiration date? Like limited amount of days of usage?

The holonomic block works. :slight_smile:

The holonomic block forces you to use arcade driving which some people might not prefer.

Follow Cody’s tutorial, recode for EasyC.

Don’t think so, you can evaluate for 7 days then need a license. License is perpetual as far as I know.

Thanks! :slight_smile: But does the holonomic block also given in autonomous? Or is it just manual/arcade? If it is only manual, do I have to program a holonomic code by myself for autonomous?

Thanks! :slight_smile: So everything found in RobotC can be done using blocks in EasyC V4 for Cortex, right? Does this code also work in Autonomous?

Just about everything can be translated into EasyC from ROBOTC, PROS or ConVEX. If you use user functions it’s easier to cut and paste but you can also create using flow chart mode (ie. placing EasyC blocks). Here is a comparison of some of the common functions.

C programming API comparison

Hey Jason did you ever get to the bottom of this and might be happy to upload your easyc file? I’m trying to do the same!

Thanks in advance!

Please see this thread to help me further and stop me spamming this one!

Thank you!!