Home Service Robot - Need suggestions

Hi all,

I uses to be a FVC player so I would like to post my new robot demo here in vex forum. We present a low-cost autonomous navigation home service robot: (YouTube video)


Above videos demonstrate what we have achieved. And I was wondering if someone can give us some suggestion or additional functionality recommendations to continue this project? THX~](http://youtu.be/z0u5kA2z8L0)

Very nice;
Other ideas for domestic service for someone sitting in a chair.

  • bring me a new drink
  • take my empty cup back
  • bring more chips
  • how many different things can I request with gestures?
  • I dropped the TV remote on the floor,
    can you pick it up and put it back on the side-table for me?
  • Play fetch: I throw a paper wad, you bring it back to me.

Thank you!