Home zones

I was just looking through the game manual for this years competition and wondered about the home zones. Are the home zones going to work like the protected zones in last years game or did they just giving a fancy name made tape for the area your robot must start in?



The home zone is the closest row to your alliance and you get an extra win point for connecting it in auton. There are no special protections.

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It just helps define an area of the field, no game changing rules in there.

Yes! There is a difference! To put it simply, you can orient your robot in any position you would like as long as it follows under R5. This also means your robot does not have to be touching the field perimeter at the start of the match as long as it meets the requirements under SG1.


Can you start on the same half of the home zone with your alliance? or is it half the home zone each

There isent anyting it in sg1 so it seems fine


Starting a Match. Prior to the start of each Match, the Robot must be placed such that it is:
a. Contacting their Home Zone.
b. Not contacting the gray foam field tiles outside of the Alliance’s Home Zone.
c. Not contacting any Balls other than the Preload.
d. Not contacting another Robot.
e. Contacting exactly one (1) Preload.
i. The Preload must be contacting exactly one (1) Robot.
ii. The Preload must be fully within the field perimeter.
iii. The Preload must not be breaking the vertical projection of the Goal, i.e. the Preload must not be
inside or above the Goal.
Note: If a Robot is not present for their Match, then their Preload will instead be placed in the center of
the gray foam tile that is closest to the double tape line that bisects the Home Zone and is opposite the
half of the Home Zone from the placed Robot as shown below.


Quick question, does your robot have to be FULLY in the home zone or can like half of it be sticking out? (P.S. I hope this thread isn’t too old to revive for this one question that i have.)

I think you have to have all the wheels be within the homezone but you can have a bit of your robot stick out as long as it doesn’t contact the mats outside the homezone(Correct me if I’m wrong).

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This depends on whether or not they consider the home zone a 3D volume or not

I just looked at SG1 and i figured it out

The home zone is defined as

One of two (2) areas, one (1) for each Alliance, where Robots start the match and defines
the location of the Alliance Home Row. The Home Zones are defined by the inner edges of the field
perimeter and the outer edge of the tape line that runs across the field adjacent to the Alliance Station,
i.e. the tape line is part of the Home Zone. The Alliance Home Zone is closest to their Alliance Station
The Home Zone refers to the foam field tiles; it is not a 3-dimensional volume

(Emphasis added by me)
So yes, you can have part of your robot sticking out, as long as it doesn’t contact the field tiles outside.


Yup you’re right. Thanks for clarifying