Hoodbot Roller Speed [Poll]

If you have a working hoodbot that is using a 24t roller instead of a flywheel to score, what is the RPM of that roller so that it works for your robot?

  • 2100+
  • 1800+
  • 1500+
  • 1200+
  • 900+
  • 600+
  • 600-

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anywhere in the range of 600-1200 is probably best, depending on the shape of your hood and the size of your roller. Iā€™m using a 30t roller at around 1100 rpm, but my hood shape means I need more launch speed for the balls to arc properly. if you have a hood that is more of a flap at the top, lower speeds work too.


exactly. if your roller has a greater diameter, it can be slower but still index balls really fast. On the other hand, if the roller has a small diameter, it probably needs to spin faster to index balls at a similar speed