Hook design for back dumper high hang

Hey guys we are a back-dumper trying to high hang right now and we just want some ideas on different types of hook that we can do. The hook will be on our claw and not the lifting arm and we want to be able to hang and unhang if needed. If you guys have any pictures, videos, or suggestions please feel free to comment away! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Our team is in the same boat, looking for ideas. TBH though, our team (most other teams as well) can score a lot of points in the 5-10 seconds it takes you to hang. Maybe not 12, but our team does not see it as a priority to high hang.

Earlier in the season our team had a pushbot with an arm similar to a back dumper used for high hang. It took 3-5 seconds to hang. Our team that made it to state now has a rear dumper and will probably make a hook to high hang today. I will see if I can get pictures once it is done. They are hoping for a 2-4 second hang counting lining up. We will see.

Welp here’s how all of our teams do it… we put our bot in the corner and lift the arm as high as possible until it hits the pole then put a screw or standoff right at that height :slight_smile: