Hopper or dropper

I was wondering which strategy would be more efficient in “In the zone”. Would it be better to carry the mobile goals with you with a rotating lift(turntable like). Or would it be better to be faster just to drop cone on the goals.

Whats behind door number 2

Theoretically both seem viable and there doesn’t appear to be a clear advantage one way or another. Tournaments and time will tell.

Why do you have a turntable? Are you collecting multiple mobile goals and carrying them all around with you? When you drop cones on the goals are the goals inside your robot?

what is behind door #2???

lol, i was saying that i’d like to see the second option please, while referencing a game show my family sometimes watched. i meant that using a turntable to move your whole lift sounds like more work than its worth

A better question is “is it better to carry the mobile goals or to drop cones on them or to carry the mobile goals and drop cones on them?” The actual mechanism will be up to you.