Horisonal Expansion Legality

Hey. I am just asking to check if it is legal to, when the match begins, drop a bar with an omni wheel at the end, allowing us to have the wheel in the expansion zone, so we can expand upwards outside of it, and hit balls a few inches away from the flag. Thanks!

Do you mean vertical? Vertical is upwards and horizontal is sideways. You can expand sideways for 36 inches but if you are talking about vertical, then you can’t do that. The upwards expansion it self of the robot has to be within 18 if the expansion it self is outside the expansion zone.

I don’t see anything in the rules specifically against that, and the only specification for expanding over 18" is to be contacting the expansion zone with any part of the robot so I feel like it should be OK

No, I am referencing horizontal expansion. Apologies for the confusion.

Thanks for the response. Just wanted to double check with you all. :slight_smile:

Okay. I get it now. So you want to expand horizontally for 36 inches and expand upwards outside the expansion zone right? I looked at where @JamsG was looking and found that you COULD do that. Wow. That’s surprising. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

No worries. I think teams that can do this well might be a bit OP…

@Forrest Keller Yeah. But then wouldn’t it be hard to get the middle flags? Because if you get the ball launcher on the expanding parts, its harder to shoot the center flags because it is too far away from either side right? It also wastes time getting from one side to the other of the field because of having to retract the lift and opening the lift up again or going through the U shape of the expansion zone.

to add on to this the distance between the flags and expansion zone is quite large and being able to hit the mid and high flags in only a few inches away is going to require lots of horizontal expansion, probably more than what is actually allowed

i think just creating a flywheel/puncher/catapult that can easily hit shots right in front of the flags would save more time and resources


@JamG The difference is about 35 inches because of the limit which is 36. And minus the omi wheel part that would be 35. That is about 1.4 tiles. And its quite risky that the whole robot moves out of the expansion zone by mistake etc.

Yah, probably. I was just brainstorming ideas. Thanks for the help!