Horizontal Expansion Defense

Does anyone have any ideas of how to defend against horizontal expansion in the last ten seconds?

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Trapping isn’t illegal in the endgame so I would guess your best bet is to completely encircle them before they get a chance to expand


pick them up :slight_smile:


It’s going to depend heavily on how your opponent does it.

I think that on some level, just expanding first will be an excellent method of countering someone else’s expansion. Wall can’t expand if there is already a wall blocking it.

If your opponents are dropping off less rigid expansions, then a snowplow approach could be very viable, pushing all of your opponent’s points of contact into a corner would seriously limit their points.

Trapping your opponents into a corner right before they can deploy is going to also be an ok strategy I think. Unless the GDC makes some unsavory clarifications on G15, that should be good. Confining the other alliance to the low goal could also work.


how about going around them with a string to make it so they can’t expand without the threat of getting the meconium tangled

I think that might be an unnecessary risks of entanglement


I didn’t say it was a good idea but It might not be a bad one and @DRow will ban it in the rules

there are 3 ways to play defense in the endgame that I can think of right now.

  1. Try to box the other robot in the corner or on the wall in a way so that they can’t physically expand
  2. Try to place yourself in a way that their expansion can’t expand.
  3. “Accidentally” “contact” into their expansion so that it “magically” “dislocates” off the robot

Drow won’t change it in the rules; he isn’t on the GDC (Yet).


he totally should be he is already in charge of posting the rules so he should be next in succession.