Horizontal expansion

Hey, we have an idea for a horizontal expansion but it doesn’t work very well. Any ideas??

What I’ve seen is a sort of catapult mechanism. You can also use the search bar and google to find ideas (that’s what my team did)

Many teams use a catapult to fling a weight that is connected to a string that uses elastics and is restrained or powered by a motor or pneumatics, but I have seen some winches that are both easy to build and effective

Gears (323V) and JuggleNauts (100A) use some kind of linear design. I’m not 100% sure how they do it, but all I’ve seen is they attatch rubber bands to their weight and somehow attatch that weight (via a zip tie or smth) to a pneumatic driven release system. It’s super compact and they both have six of those linear shooters on their robot. I saw 100A cover 24 tiles with their expansion and 323V cover 26 with theirs.

Here’s a video of 100A’s expansion for reference: Vex spin up 205 programming skills. 100A Jugglenauts - YouTube