Horizontal limit rules

What qualifies as occupying a tile in the last ten seconds? Could you possibly use string or something similar and uncoil it in the last ten seconds? Let me know what you think.

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Take a look at the game manual on page 22.


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For any question about the legality of something, we must turn to the game manual (or the Official Q&A). As you read the game manual (https://link.vex.com/docs/2022-2023/vrc-spin-up/GameManual ), keep in mind that the game manual tells you things that you must do, and things that you are prohibited from doing. It can’t tell you everything you might do, so if the game manual does not prohibit an action, then it is generally legal. The game manual does not generally discuss any particular game strategy or mechanisms you might use.

In regards to your question, what rule in the game manual leads you to think you couldn’t use a string or something?

The “search bar” is your friend…please use the search bar, or at least browse the forums, before you post a question, or you’re likely to get flamed by your colleagues.


Yeah that’s my bad I am very new to all this.

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no worries, we were all there once upon a time!

I would recommend you spend the next couple of days observing posts and interactions, getting familiar with the structure of VEXforum and also the structure of the Game Manual.

You may also want to swing by teams.vex.com
which has a lot of articles to support competition teams at all levels.

kb.vex.com has everything related to VEX products and offerings.

and for veteran teams, you think you have seen all the resources? take a look at

Even @Foster did not know all these existed!

[clarification - both Foster and I learnt of the short cut to shortcuts.vex.com at the EP Summit…]


This is a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

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