Horizontal vs. Vertical angler

4m x drive
2m flywheel
1m intake+roller spinner

With the above motor allotment you would have one extra motor. With this extra motor do you think it would be better to make a horizontal or vertical angler and why?

  • Horizontal Angler
  • Vertical Angler

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If you’re using an X-drive, I would think having a vertical angler is a better option. You’ll be able to move around and make horizontal and angular adjustments very easily with your drive. You could use a vertical angler to be able to shoot closer to the goal if you find yourself having issues with that.

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Vertical angler, if you use odometry you can easily make a turn to goal function for auto aiming, but without a vertcal angler your area for making shots is limited.

Make a turret!!!

I guess that’s like a horizontal angler

But a useful solution would be vertical system

My personal opinion would be to go with a horizontal angler, or a turret.

You can get basically the same function of a vertical angler by changing the flywheel speed (or you might not even have to, depending on the angle of your shooter, because as long as you hit the chains, it should fall into the high goal, so if you have an angle where the discs hit those chains no matter where you shoot in the field, then you’d be fine, but that’s theoretical)

However despite what people say of an X drive already being the horizonal angler, I feel that would be too slow if you were trying to rush for discs and fighting the other alliance to fill your high goal first.

However some more issues come up with a turret (that I’m also in the process of figuring out) such as needing a separate way to feed discs into the flywheel, since the flywheel wont be straight connected with the intake.