Hosting of Singapore teams on 24 April 2023

HI all,

Thought maybe I should make a separate post for this and hopefully it will gain a bit more attention.

Singapore teams will be flying over to Worlds.
As per usual practice (pre-Covid), we usually have a team or organisation that will be able to host us on the day before the actual worlds.

The intention is so that we can let our robots out of the boxes for a run (after the long flights).

As it is just one day on 24 Apr, we are looking at maybe the 1st half of the day for us to fine tune our robots a bit and the 2nd half of the day we can have scrimmage with the local teams.

I am not sure how many teams can make it for worlds this year - officially we are only given 1 HS + 1 MS, and plus last year live remote div champion (i.e. 8059A), we should have minimally 3 singapore teams. But we are trying our best to qualify more teams via skills challenge. So hopefully we will get about 5 to 6 teams flying over.

Preferably the host will not be too far off the convention center - to save up travelling time.

Any kind soul able to host us for this year?