My team, Highlands Intermediate School team 394, is staying at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. What hotel are you and your team staying at?

team 3500, same hotel

2202 ! Portorricooo ! Lol

I’m not part of any team, but as a VEX fan and forum member - I will be staying at the Hyatt too.

1177 SHIRT is staying at the sheraton suites

Syntax Error will be staying at the West End Hotel.

Team 1000 will be at the West End

Team 39 staying at the Hyatt

7012, and we’re going to stay at the best western

All 22 teams from Puerto Rico will be staying at the Hyatt.

2900 SymbiOHSis will be staying at the West End Hotel

:slight_smile: 2 weeks until we leave!

team 1177 SHIRT is now staying at the hyatt. our mentor booked rooms at 2 hotels and since the hyatt seems to be were the party’s at were staying there. we will be getting there wednsday evening when will everyone else be gettin to dallas

team 39 will be getting there Thursday sometime, update later on time

Highlands Intermediate School team 394 will be getting to Dallas on Wednesday in the afternoon… but my advisor is probably gonna spend a LOT of time trying to find the Hyatt! xD

We’re getting to Dallas late Tuesday night…does anyone have any suggestions of touristy-type things to do on the wednesday? :slight_smile:

Dallas has a zoo and an aquarium - if those are of any interest. I don’t know where they are at or how far away they are from the Hyatt, but someone at the hotel should be able to tell you.

I think you can take the “DART” - Dallas’s light rail system - to the zoo and you can catch it at Union Station across the street from the hotel. It’s suppose to be pretty cheap - I think a day pass is just a $1 or so for downtown and $2.50 for places farther away.

If you go, you will have to let us know if they were any good. I should get into Dallas on Thursday - just in time for the practice and skills rounds in the afternoon.

Team Polvex #2500 is staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel also!

Cya guys/gals there!


all 4 of the Gladstone Teams are staying at the West End Hotel and we are getting there wednesday evening/night.

Which teams are you bringing? Let me guess: 721, 722, 723 and … um, I don’t know – 892? 859? 880?

The officially qualified teams are 721, 722, 892, 859…

859 isn’t being represented so 880 got a nameplate switch.