So I was a competition today and the refs told us that we had to turn off all the hotspots so the V5 radios would work for the peoples bots that are up. Also the Ref said that we could get DQ for having it on. I was wondering does a hotspot interfere with the V5 radio?

I don,t know what frequency the V5 vexnet is on but they mite be close to the 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz

or they mite be trying to fix the problem with the robots disconnecting all the time and no one knows how to fix that properly yet.

Both VEXnet for Cortex and VEXnet for V5 use 2.4 Ghz.

The ref was right but maybe for the wrong reason. They were instructed to make sure all hotspots were off and as event partners, we don’t always go into all of the details once we run short on time and have to just start getting practical.

If the event needs the 2.4ghz band for the robots and the 5ghz band for tournament use, then you need to just turn it off. I’ve been to three tournaments where the tablets stopped working once a lot of people came in the room and had wifi on (including our state tournament last year). While we should have just had a more powerful equipment to handle things better, if people would have listened to us they would have worked fine. We didn’t have time to go around and police it, and we had to go to paper. If everyone would just follow instructions you will have more efficient and awesome events. Nothing gets the scores in like a tablet, especially for skills scoring.