Hours of Vex

How many hours a week do people work on VEX? It would be nice to know how many hours a week people work on VEX. I usually do about 10 - 13 hour but, my EasyC doesn’t work right at this time so it’s harder to work with VEX (if you think you can help, please visit https://vexforum.com/t/problem-with-easyc/12944/1).

It really depends on the bot your building.

i try to work with VEX more, but with finals and new classes and FRC, i just dont have time.

I spend around 10-13 hours a week on the actual building…

I spend around 24-30 hours a week on the forums…
Im not kidding…

Ditto on FRC!! I am a “Professional Mentor”.

I just want to know why did u put 0 hours because everyone on this website has the vex and is addicted to it. No offense

Yea and if your not a Vex addict your not into robots enough I spend like 6 hours a week working on the teams competition robot after school. I would like to get into Vex for myself but it too expensive for someone with a summer job unfortunately.

I spend about 10-13 hours:rolleyes:
and for me it doesnt depend on the bot i am building because if i finish one, i take a few pictures, dis assemble it, and build something else.:smiley:

My team only has a meating once a week and I dont have any parts at home
so I only spend 2-3 hours a week.

I put 0 there because someone might not be doing vex that week or something like that. I didn’t mean for people to put fourm and building hours on here, just building. But, put them combined if you want.

LOL me to :smiley:

now that the build season is over, i am hoping to get to spend more time with my vex stuff for awhile.:slight_smile: