Houston VEX - Results

Lamar High School hosted the Houston VEX tournament on Nov. 22nd with 18 different robots attending the event.

The Results of the VRC event have been posted on the website.


Thanks to all the teams & volunteers for all their help.
We are going to post videos & pictures soon.

Thanks for all your hard work to put on the 1st VEX competition this year in Houston. We look forward to many more years of competiton. Congratulations to all teams, and hope to see you at the World Championships in Dallas.

Photos are up on the website thanks to Pictures from Galena Park (1429). Videos will take a bit longer but subscribe to this thread and I’ll update everyone when I get them up as well.

Maybe I’m looking at the wrong page but when I go to media on this website it says “Pictures Coming Soon”. Is that the wrong site?

The pictures were only on the homepage, but now they are on the media page. Thanks for the feedback !

Ok, nice pictures. Looked like a good competition.