Houston VEX - Toss Up

We are kicking off the competition season in Texas with Houston VEX - Toss Up this weekend - Oct 26th.

We had a skills-only event last month so hopefully many teams have progressed to higher skills scores.
We are also doing a new costume contest this year !

Webcast is still TBD, we will post a link if we can set one up.

Unfortunately, we can not make it.

Wish you have a successful event.

We also will not be able to attend because of an ACT testing conflict. It looks like it will be a fantastic event. Can’t wait to see the results!

The link to the oficial webcast is here! Dont forget to tune in!


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Our robot is waiting for tomorrow!
Yes, that is what we call a high hang!


Results are up, http://www.robotevents.com/houston-vex-toss-up.html

we had a couple robots that were high hanging with a ball (2587z and 2585v )

It will be neat to see how hanging progresses throughout the season.

Our robot stripped a gear while high hanging in practice Saturday morning so once we fixed the gear we never tried to hang during a match. Team 26 was high hanging with a large ball as well. We finished 13th of 54 and made it to the semi finals but had some mechanical issues after a collision in the latter part of the first match of the semi finals. I have attached a picture of 26 high hanging in the quarterfinals. We will likely have different robot for Austin.

Thanks to S. Rippetoe and the Conroe I.S.D. for hosting the event. There was plenty on room to place the two playing fields and skills field in the main gym. This allowed the audience great viewing of all the action. Also, thanks to the Clear Creek School District for bringing the a/v system.
And a special thanks for all the student volunteers who helped set up the fields and keep the event flowing smoothly.
Another well run event Andrew. After 6 times of doing this, I’d say you have this down.

Looked great. How often did they go to high hang during the competition? From their scores and rank, it seemed they did not go to hang very much at all.

Hanging was only done sporadically thought the qualification matches. During the elims, I can remember it being done a few times. It is too easily defended. That’s one of the main reasons we took it off for the competition. Controlling the bucky balls is much more important.

Congratulations on 1429!

According to the rule, no team is allowed to go to its opponent’s hanging area in the last 30 seconds of competition. Why was it so easy to defend it? 20 points high hang with ball should significantly affect the competition results.

You don’t even need your robot there. If you shove a big ball in their corner and they can’t pick up big balls, it can take 10+ seconds to remove the ball in which they can score 3 Bucky balls. Even if they have a way to move big balls, they can’t hold both the big ball of their color for hanging and move the big ball that is blocking them easily. It is an essential part of strategy for more competitive matches.

Exactly. The two teams that effectively hung with a ball, started their sequence with about 40 seconds to go in the match. During that time they left the front court basically undefended. While they are trying to hang, the other team can de-score their big balls, add to the bucky balls in the goals, and cap their own goals. Its a simple matter of math.

Game strategies are never that simple, the high hang with a ball decided matches all throughout the eliminations.

Teams that try to defend the hang in the last 30 seconds risk getting DQ’d. The finals of Houston VEX were very close to a possible DQ. For that reason , the high hang with a ball is still a viable strategy.

Agree with you about bucky ball control is very important for winning the competition. From all those score, it seamed whoever could won autonomous bonus poits, the alliance had big chance to win the game.

40 seconds to have high hang with ball is too much. it should be controlled within 20 seconds.

I also agree with that. I personally would only use the hanging during skills… In a match, if you have to leave the goal zone (with all of your points in it) that is not cool. If you went to hang, I would clear your objects so fast, it would make your head spin. I don’t like hanging right now.

This was very true at Zionsville I. A lot of alliances won because of the large 10 point autonomous bonus. Autonomous is HUGE this year.

During the competitions, how serious is about herding and possessing?

Once the tubes are filled, it would not be terribly difficult for one robot to defend the zone while their alliance hangs (especially if the whole process is 10 seconds or under).