Houston VEX - Toss Up

I’m a bit surprised I didn’t see any low-hanging with a ball. It can be implemented so simply without interfering with the design of a robot not focused on hanging. It takes less time and you can then focus attention on manipulating the game objects as best as possible.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that helped with the Houston VEX Tournament at Caney Creek HS, especially Nancy Kahn, the associate principal in charge of the facility. I have never worked with a campus so willing to go the extra mile to make an event run smoothly. They have already asked us to come back next year.

I would also like to thank all the Houston VEX volunteers that came out to make the event run so smoothly. We had a couple of glitches but nothing that made a big impact on game play.

The Caney Creek Softball Team ran a great concession stand. There weren’t many places to eat near the venue but that just made for more concession sales. I’m glad they did so well financially. I really appreciate them providing food for so many teams.

One final thank you to all the student team members that came out to help from Texas Torque. We have had a busy October and the Remix is November 2. You can take off the weekend after Remix.

Scott Rippetoe
Lead Mentor
FRC Team 1477
Texas Torque

What? You are going to give them a weekend off???

Boy, have you gotten soft after retirement. :wink:

I will be out of town. I just want to act like I’m kind-hearted and giving them a break. I won’t feel so bad later when I leave them with no personal life from January 4 through the end of April.

I put the videos organized by Quarter , Semi and Finals on the website.


Watch videos to improve and learn different strategies !