How a 1-Man Team Made it to Worlds... (97166)

I just want to let you guys know about how a one man team made it to Worlds. He is a great friend of mine who I will be helping throughout the VEX Worlds 2017 Championship. His name is Remington of “Nemesis Robotics”, otherwise known as VRC #97166.

Remington began his season with a complication. Realizing that his school did not have a VEX Team, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Remington gained sponsors for his team. At this time, his team was made up of himself, and his friend. After acquiring a few sponsors to help them out, Remington began to purchase parts and tools to build a robot. Everything seemed to be turning out fine for him and his teammate, until they decided to take a simple moped ride. Little did they know, they would get into a high speed wreck, instantly killing his teammate and Remington would loss his leg. Remington was now a “One-Man Team”.

Normally, this would be the part in the story where people would give up and call it quits. He promised himself that he would still build a robot and compete in remembrance of his fallen teammate. This is a link to his playlist from his first event. .

With the help of 66A and 5691X, Remington was able to advance to the finals, bad sadly take a 0-2 loss. Thinking that his season was over, Remington packed his bags and headed home.

This is where the story gets really interesting. Due to the fact that the “Arkansas State VEX 2017 Tournament” was not yet full, they selected teams who had recently placed in driver’s skills to participate. This one little chance is all that he needed to make his dreams come true. Through hard work and perseverance Remington was able to fight through his matches. He later found himself in a position where he, along with 66A and 5691B, were awarded Tournament Champions. He did the unthinkable for a 1-man/no school team. His very first year under the “Nemesis Robotics” brand, and he was granted a spot to attend this years VEX World Championship.

If you would like to know more about Remington, please check out this video.

He is an amazing friend and deserves every bit of what he has received. Please stop by his booth in the Math Division and let him know how much you appreciate him being here this year.

97166 Nemesis Robotics

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Nice and inspirational.

STEM Robotics is a proud sponsor of Team Nemesis this year. Can’t wait to see the Math Division matches in the next few days!!

Awesome story. My favorite line though was: “This is where the story gets really interesting.” like it wasn’t interesting anyway.

The fact that he is a one man team is impressive but as another poster said, this isn’t alone isn’t unknown to happen. The fact that he lost his best friend and his leg and while dealing with that he built a robot. Kinda makes me want to go open up a business just so I could sponsor him.

wow! Spectacular job to him. Very inspirational story as well.

Congrats on the Math Division Judges Award Remington!

He did extremely well for his first World Championship! I had the pleasure of coaching him throughout the event, and can say I had a great time with him. Remington is always kind-spirited and friendly. We have been friends for multiple years, even before robotics. STEM Robotics made an AMAZING decision when they decided to sponsor him. Thank you so much!

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He was WELL deserving of it IMO. He has progressed through a lot this year to get this award!

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Thank you everyone, it means a lot to have so much support.

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Much Love Bro <3

Good job. Keep it up

I met Remington and his dad at worlds. I knew how he lost his leg but I had no idea that it all happened this year. He is doing incredibly well emotionally for it being this recent after the accident and losing not only his leg, but his best friend.

Remington, if you are on here, I am the dude with the missing leg on the other side that was riding around on a cooler. Hope to see you and your dad again. Congrats of getting there. Congrats on the positive attitude. Congrats on the perseverance.

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Thank you so much. I was glad to have met you.

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