How about a Clean Sweep cake making expo?

Just for a bit of fun and a laugh how about having a Clean Sweep cake expo.

What can you do?

Birthday cupcakes… Matt’s sister made these Clean Sweep Cupcakes for his birthday. See the photo attached.

VEX Team 2901

!!! delishus robot infused caek, do want do want do want do want. thank you for the inspiration

You have to bring some of those to the championship! I get one for doing the animation, please? :smiley:

Speaking of the animation… what is the status? My team has been waiting anxiously, but nothing has been posted. :frowning:

Same here. I emailed the robotevents people a few days ago, but they haven’t gotten back to me… I have a feeling it might just be left undecided so VEX doesn’t have to shell out more than one kit. Who tied? I know my team did, 2438, but I didn’t go to Dallas (should’ve though, I heard it was lots of fun).

A cake contest would be fun. I’ll volunteer to be a judge for the German Chocolate Cake Division, OK?

As for the Clean Sweep video, I know that it is underway. Patience, grasshopper.

ohh, lol. sorry. I’m thinking of the totally wrong thing. Yes, I would like to see the Clean Sweep animation. But I’m also waiting for them to post the winners/give the prize to the 3rd place Game Animation design challenge. It’s already been… 3 months since it was announced? that’s a really long time

To mathwiz20,

My school received my 1st place animation prize about a month ago. It’s important to know that it went to my school. But I did get my portion of it, 3D Studio Max 2010! Which I immanently installed on my workstation and all of my render-nodes.