How are people adding on 4 stages and still remaining within the 18x18x18?

I am currently trying to build a 4th stage on my robot, and I have been trying various ideas. Like a 4th flip out, or a telescopic tray. But I am not able to understand how people are attaching the 4 stages, and still fitting in the zone. Also how are robots able to fold the trays with a 4th one attached on?

They are doing some amazing engineering. Lots of folding and expansions, mostly powered by rubber bands or the force of cubes moving up the tray.

Start looking at the 100’s of hours of match video’s and focus on the first few seconds of the match. You’ll see them do their “transfomers” trick to become full size.


Box folds. The trays spiral in on ghemselves


Here is what my team uses. The third stage fits in between the second and first stages. The telescope fits inside the third stage (we use a 5 wide C-channel and we put the telescope inside it)


L channel trays fold up super tight and they can fold into each other
thats how most teams have gotten a 4th stage and lots of rubber bands

How are you achieving the telescopic tray, without having it get caught on the 3rd tray?

They probably make it compact, and without any long parts sticking out.
What you can do for a 4 stage flipout, is you can make a triangle with the tray that has the last stage go on top of the bottom one (like 7110x I think?)


Ypu could also make the 3rd stage a mini stage and make the 2nd stage a bit shorter than usual to pack it in
Remember, not all stages have to be 35 holes


It’s on the inside of the C-channel. Since it is a 5 wide C-channel, we have a smaller C-channel inside of it. We use standoffs and spacers to keep the other C-channel from moving up and down inside the larger C-channel, and they allow the telescope to slide

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