How are people shiping their robots?

Poll here what are some ideas for shipping your robots? on the airplane any good idea?

made a wooden crate and stuck wheels/handle on. stuffing foam/packing paper to keep stable/safe even when upside down and on side, etc
have it with checked in luggage on plane.
use TSA locks so airport security can access

We got some very secure boxes and packing material and shipped it UPS. delta told us that we couldnt put the robot on the plane no matter what.

We talked to homeland security, they said if we have their locks and the vex paperwork about the invite and such that we’d be ok with a box/crate

For 254’s 5 robots, we are getting a bunch of extra thick 20x20x20 cardboard boxes, packing our robots in them with a lot of foam (extra cubes work great) and checking them on the plane. A lot of our team is putting all of our personal stuff in carry on bags so we don’t get charged the checked bag fee on our flight.

This is EXACTLY our plan – right down to the 20x20x20 boxes and telling students not to plan on checking bags. Great minds think alike. Or is it fools that think alike? Something like that.

We are thinking of building a cage for Slagathor, something that will hold him and keep him from harming others (he eats Hex bugs for snacks). :slight_smile: Then putting it in the van for the 4 hour trip to Dallas.

That name is so boss. We landed on gojira for ours. HAHA
Dragon names ftw:D