How are people shipping their robot to Worlds?

I’ve never taken a team to Worlds until now, so our big question is How to ship the robot to Worlds from the east coast of the USA? What works well? What does not work?

We get a 20"x20"x20" Pelican Case (Like this) and have our robot fly underneath us. We don’t pick a flight that causes us and the luggage to move planes, that way we don’t risk losing our robot. With Southwest, bags fly free, so our robot was free last year! Southwest is also “decently” gentle with packages.

On our way home, we just mail it back. Make sure to by TSA locks that way they (TSA) don’t have to break into the container if they want to look inside.

Last year, we brought our robot up to the check-in, the lady asked us a few questions, and that was it. No more problems. We LOTS of pictures of the robot on the case so they could see what was inside.

We also packed all of our tools into suit-cases so they could fly free as well. Those went underneath with the robot.

Southwest has been awesome so far! We got our tickets for right under 210!

Aluminum sheets plywood or cardboard boxes work as well. Don’t all need 400$ cases.

Yes, custom boxes are nice, but if you can get Pelican Cases for $60, or even for free, why not get them?

For MAX robot protection, the pelican case is the way to go.

Does the airline charge oversize for it as it is just slightly larger than the maximum?

Our box was slightly larger, but they were nice enough to not charge us!
I <3 Southwest.

I’ve heard some bad things about cardboard - boxed robots setting on docks getting rained on until they’re mush, for example. Is that very likely?

It shouldn’t be raining in Anaheim. I have no idea where you’re flying out from, but we used cardboard boxes when we flew Phoenix to Orlando a few years back without a problem. They held up to whatever battering they experienced.

Thanks everyone for providing your perspectives. I’m still waiting anxiously on the Vex Worlds website to provide a link to whatever services they will offer - just to see what that looks like. Unfortunately, their website still has no link. All it continues to say is this:**
“Robot shipping information will be available soon, please check this page for additional updates.”** :frowning:

I know others have asked on the official forums when the details of those services will be available, but so far there has been no answer. I wonder what the hold-up might be.


that’s very interesting! Perhaps people who qualified for Worlds after that date did not get on that email list?

Thanks for the information! :):):slight_smile:

Yes, I’m wondering too what teams that qualified later have missed? Is there some way to request all the team emails that were sent?

It appears that some teams in Maryland also did not receive this information. I also wonder what other information we have not received.

Im putting my robot in my suitcase and bringing it on the plane

I’ve done that before. we put the lift and manipulator in one suitcase and the drive in another. just make sure to take the wheels off (we learned the hard way when we watched the guy unloading the plane just chucked the suitcase into the pile at the bottom instead of sending it down the conveyer) also be aware that most airlines have a weight limit on bags.

We have a solution for you all looking for an easier way to transport your robot. We have created a bag that is much easier to transport and even fits airport requirements to be checked. It includes rolling wheels making it easier to take a long. There is also a lot of pockets for organizational purposes, including a charging station.

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We just bought a ticket for our robot and included it with our group travel arrangements. With the group’s size it was very economical and there was very little risk of damage. We made through security just fine, in fact we are waiting to get on our plane to leave CA right now. We will do it this way next year if we make it back.

We are still in the process of getting our product ready for all of you competitors. We have had some great feedback and now just making a few adjustments for the final product. Make sure to follow us on social media and visit our website for all the latest. We want you all to have an easy way to transport your robot soon!