How are robots made for the autonomous period?

My team and I are wondering what the typical robot would use to detect balls during the autonomous period. Is it imperative that we get a color sensor, or is there is there some other method to detecting them? Also, is it common around rookie teams?

most robots don’t actually detect the balls, they just are programmed to spin their intakes and drive them into the area where the balls are. you could try to use a vision sensor to aim at balls perfectly, but the vision sensor isn’t very reliable. Best is to have accurate code and large intake tolerances.

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So based on what you said at the end I am guessing you are a rookie team which is totally fine but I would suggest that you just program the bot itself to make movements and not try to detect and find the balls because this can fail and is way harder in my opinion plus the first way is more accurate if done correctly. Without being said you could use a vision sensor to assist the bot but not decide on movements because that is just not as accurate to me and there are a lot of better methods than that.

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