How are you organizing Gen2 Kits?

Does anyone have a good way for organizing and transporting Gen2 kits? I run a large school club and the new boxes are terrible, they are breaking and are very hard for kids to transport. I am trying to come up with a good way to put these kits together for the kids.

Take a look at the foam organizers available from! VEX IQⓇ Gen 2 Education Kit Parts Organizer Set -

There is a set for the “education kit”, and a second set for the “competition add-on” kit.

These inserts fit into the original “Gen1” vex IQ tubs, or into a container of your choice, such as the modular toolbox system from Harbor Freight or Menards. (Harbor Freight has a grant program for K-12 schools, might be able to get tool boxes for free!).

For large orders (24+) from tax-exempt organization, look here: Technology Education Resources

All the profits from the sale of these organizers goes to our organization VEX Team 3547: Virus


So I also thought the new cool blue boxes would be the bees knees. But we’ve gone back to the Team Virus inserts and the Plano 3700 family of boxes for smaller parts. They all then go into a flip top tub that teams can carry (two slices of the foam, 4 of the Plano boxes and other bigger parts in there (like 1/2 built robot things).


I have 3 gen 2 brains and 5 gen 2 batteries. Our team is constantly on a move so we have a big electronics box with a box where our robot can fit in. We take that to comps and it works really well. We really never got gen 2 parts yet( Just placed an order) and just invested in the electronics first. When we are going out of state for comps we carry our robot in a plastic box and we put all of our parts in check in. The electronics for the robot goes into another carry on bag with our team laptop and an external monitor. Our team competes for both VRC and IQ and due to worlds being back to back we carry a lot of things.

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My team has completely taken out all of our batteries and put them in a FTC style battery box, it is quite helpful to charge them on the go, highly recommended!