How are your drives?

I’m a little curious on what anyone has built as their base and drive. My teams robot currently has a simple U drive type of base and it has pretty successful. Although I like tank drive (I’ve actually used it almost every year) I’m just looking for something different that might also be good.

Thank you.

Our drive is doing well. Very well.

The structure here is outdated; were using FAR stronger methods of support. Additionally, we’ve opted for two strafing wheels: one set forward and one set backwards. Also, we’ve changed the ratio of the strafing wheels to be a bit under 1:1, (1:2.6 because turbos) due to the fact that the strafing is only powered by four motors; the torques add up a bit more nicely that way.
Today, my teammate was driving it around and it’s very nimble. Just need more beveled gears…

4 motor 6 wheel tank. Works like a dream

What is the benefit of 6 wheels vs 4? I understand it for weight distribution but is that the only benefit?

It’s just so that we don’t have to make anti-tip. It still reaches the speed we predicted that our drive could reach so yay. But, due to the crazy ideas that are circulating in my team currently, we might change it. Turbo X is what’s being debated currently.

4 turbo motor on 4" wheels

Debating on switching to 6 motor turbo on 5" wheels