How automated can driver control be?

Confusing title, I know. What I’m saying is what’s the limit on automatic routines we can trigger to help us? Something like a color sensor on a roller is fine, but what about automatically targeting a goal? Or a button that tracks to the nearest roller and spins it?

no limit.

TL;DR check the manual


@tabor473 demonstrated this with an all automated robot in VEXU…


I figured as much, can’t wait. Thanks, guys!

this also applies to skills matches. it’s entirely legal to just run your autonomous route during driver skills, if for whatever reason you can program better than you drive.


straight up? that would be incredible to see

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Take a look at this driver skills run from 2647X, they were the world champions for skills last year, and id say about 75% of their run was programming


Actually, @2647X correct me if I’m wrong, but when I would watch them run practice driver skills, the only automated thing was the macros they had for high goal scoring and possibly for balancing, other than that it was just solid driver practice

You’re wrong. Listen to the guy at 00:34.


The exact timestamp where we switched from fully automated to driver is the 0:29 mark. Prior to this, however, the driver had the ability to interrupt the run and try to save it if it failed for whatever reason.


Yeah, i can see the change, i kinda just estimated based on my past views of the videos because i didnt feel like watching it again