How big should I make a robot?

I have seen a lot of vex teams who use the full 18x18x18 area, and I’m wondering if that’s a good idea. If the robot is 18x18x18 exactly, you would be able to maximize area, but it might be too bulky or slow, and if the robot is slightly smaller(like 16 or 17), you wouldn’t be able to fit as much stuff inside, but would allow for an intake to be protruding from the robot. Any ideas or knowledge on what’s better?

Also, just as a side question, should the intake for spin up be outside or inside the robot? If the intake is outside, you can intake discs without having to position the discs in the middle of the robot, but if the intake is inside, then it won’t get stuck on the walls or floor or stop the robot. 606X keeps the intake outside, and 2775V keeps the intake inside. Any ideas about this as well?

My robot has about a 1/8 clearance for the height, and barely for the width. If you choose, you may design the robot to be slightly smaller, but it does make the process harder as fitting stuff in there might be hard.

That’s my deep prediction, but you never know. C channels are also not designed to be 16 and 17 inches, so you might need to do a lot of cutting. A smaller robot might allow the intake and roller to stick out more, which is extremely useful when driving (match and skills).

That depends on what the driver might prefer. My drivers are used to having an intake inside and intaking from the middle. I believe if you do have C-Channels/Polycrabonate leading the discs into the middle (intake) easier. That is more safe than an outside intake that is lesser known and pulled off.

In what ways are having an intake sticking out extremely useful when driving for match and skills?

If your intake sticks out, you can have a really wide intake without having to worry about your drive modules being in the way.

higher chance it gets brokey tho if hit

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Generally for this game, if you’re thinking about navigating in and out of the low goals, it is much easier to do so with a thinner and smaller bot.

This is because the decreased width of the robot allows for more room on the left and right sides when squeezing in between the low goal and the wall.


Because of it having less of a chance to jam discs and makes picking discs up just from the floor easier (Most teams have to use a wall to get discs inside an intake)

I would suggest that since you are using an intake system to make it big enough so that you can both hold more discs and also keep them from getting stuck. There are also the advantages of the ability to cover multiple squares easier as well. I think it is wise to have your intake on the inside for it is better protected and so that it doesn’t get in the way of the robot or stuck anywhere.

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