How big should our lexan collection table be?

Hi guys, I need help with a question I had about flat, lexan, collection trays. We are making a new 944b for worlds and we wish to use a “chainsaw” feeder with a flat collection tray. My question is, how long would you guys make such a tray? I have noticed that, as we near completion on our new robot, if it sits flat, a tray of this manner will not have a lot of room. I would think that a tray like this would only need to be about 4 - 6in long though. Would this be a good estimate? Also, I’ll try to have pictures of said robot by tomorrow to give you guys a better idea of our design. Thanks for the help!:smiley:

From my understanding you do not want it to be flat but angled ever so slightly due to friction on the floor mats… Also use sandpaper on the lexan it helps alot on both sides for the floor and the sacks

I have a similar intake, and our drive is designed to allow for a large lexan table. I’m not quite sure exactly how big it is but I can measure it tomorrow and get back you you. If you are happy with the amount your table can hold, that is good, but if you aren’t you might need to redesign the drive to free up more space for it. (I’ll have a better idea when I see the pictures).

Oh, ok, this makes a bit of sense. By, “use sand paper”, do you mean to use it to give the lexan an angled edge, or sand the lexan across the top to add friction? Thanks for the amazingly quick response by the way!

Wow, that would be great man! To be honest, i was kind of hoping to hear from you or one of your team members, because, as you will see tomorrow, our new feeder is very clearly inspired by yours.

Uhmm I sanded the whole area… of my backplate… its not a try but the sacks slide off… it seems to work better when sanded because less area is in contact when you use a rough sand paper… it seems like backwards logic… but its not much like just a pass or 2 will do fine… I’m not sure about the sanding an angle on though… as I never made a tray…

Very good choice I have seen this robot first hand the descore is pretty amazing…

Hmmm that is like backwards logic :confused:. I’ll be sure to try this out though! Thanks for the help!

Sand any part of your lexan that comes in contact with the field tiles or the sacks. Sanding lexan is mostly for removing the sticky residue of the protective plastic that you peel off that comes with new lexan.

Oh, that makes a lot more sense now! Thanks for clearing that up for me!

Yeah my bad Owen told me to sand it for less friction I was not aware there was a residue left over xD

lol, no problem man! You were still a big help, i just didn’t know exactly why before xD. I am amazed how fast you guys helped me out though! This thread should save my team and I a lot of time as we won’t need to figure out why the tray sticks to the floor lol.

Ok, the base is 13 in. long and there is space for about 5 in. within the base. This means that i could get about 10 in. but let’s cut that down to 8 in. just to be safe. Does that seem like it will be long enough?
2013-03-14 17.35.47.jpg

Our lexan hopper is 13" wide x 11" long (5" tall). We can easily hold 20 objects.

Hey, from looking at that picture you have a ton of space on each side of your drive wheels (not the strafing wheels). I would make them even closer together so you will have more room for your intake.

You can get it to be 1.5" wide (each side of your drive).
Compact is better :wink:

Yeah, i tried to keep the wheels farther apart in order to give it a little more balance, but i am starting to think that kickstands and swing out wheels will do that fine. Thanks for the suggestions!

I measured my table today and it’s about 8 inches along most of it, but 11 inches in the center part. It can hold around 15 sacks, give or take.

Thanks a lot man! You guys have been a huge help!