How busy are you at the world competition?

Is there time to play in the evenings or are the whole 3 days full? Will we have time to play at Disneyworld on Thurs - Sat if we stay at a hotel that lets us stay in the park 3 hours later? Even if there is time, will we be too exhausted?

Coach Peterson:)

The competition is designed to get you out by dinner time on Thursday through Saturday, so if you have the energy you could spend several hours at the parks every evening. (Does that answer your question?)

During last year’s trip to the world competition, we did have time to spare on some days. Early into the trip, we discovered one of our main arm supports cracked on the way there. We spent a night fixing and ensuring the program worked. The rest of the days were spent with resting time after the tournament and going to dinner.

I do have to admit, I was tired after the tournament. However, I don’t think that would stop me from going to the amusement park. :smiley:

Lets just say, i dont eat lunch. and i get to the competition one hour before it starts.