How can data be downloaded onto PC from the V5 Brain?

The V5 Brain plots all kinds of useful data in graph form on its touch screen. How do I get those data onto my computer?

There are two different solutions, printing to the terminal or using the SD Card. If you have your controller or brain connected your computer and are using VexCode you can print to the terminal.
Ex. std::cout << "Velocity1 = " << x << std::endl
The other is to store data to a file on a micro SD Card. This can be done using basic C or C++ File streams. Below are a few different links to useful resources.

SD Card Help
V5 Robotics Brain SD CARD?!?
Vexcode printf error

Basic File I/O (

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Very helpful, thank you!

Are you still using Vex Coding studio? If so you should switch to Vexcode a much more advanced system.